Barry Bogs

scratch-built  1/22.5 scale

Union Pacific  4-8-8-4

Big Boy  4018
Barry has started his largest locomotive project to date, maybe ever, scratch building a  U.P.  Big Boy  in 1/22.5 scale.  More challenging previous models, this one started off with having to machine the drivers in a friend's machine shop.

The real engine is just over 132 feet long.  His G scale model will be almost 72 inches long and run on Gauge 3 track.
Read about the prototype via links below, and follow the progress here as he shares updates to the project.

9/27/20  work starts on drivers 11/29/20  drivers at the machine shop  Barry's project introduction and history
10/1/20  tender trucks are built 1/1/21  running gear and chassis work
10/14/20  tender trucks built 1/10/21  valve gear and details added  photos and video of the prototypes
10/25/20  tender body is started
11/7/20  tender castings assembled  details, pictures and links on Wikipedia
11/23/20  tender completed

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