Barry Bogs'  1/22.5  scale

Union Pacific  Big Boy  4018

Rear Trailing Truck - Jan 21st, 2021

The boys in the shop have been busy working on the rear trailing truck these past few weeks and finally got it finished. I directed the casting shop to make
a master for both sides of the truck side frames and make a mold of them, just in case I decide to build another loco that uses the same truck in the future.
Once the castings were made, the boys in the fabrication shop attached them to the wheel sets and then started adding all the additional components to
complete the frame. With the frame complete, I had the boys in the erection shop add the lube and air lines to complete the job. The truck was reattached
to the rear engine and checked for clearances. I still have not come up with a proper draw bar from the engine to the tender yet, but I hope that the design
will come to me, when the boys get close to the finish of the firebox/cab area. Don't hold your breath, because there is so much more to do before that point
in the build. With the trailing truck complete, it is on to the front end of the engine, and have them work on the pilot and front deck area.
- Barry 

CWRR-20210121a.jpg CWRR-20210121b.jpg CWRR-20210121c.jpg CWRR-20210121d.jpg CWRR-20210121e.jpg

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