Barry Bogs'  1/22.5  scale

Union Pacific  Big Boy  4018

Pivot Assemble - Jan 24th, 2021

  I directed the boys in the shop to fabricate the pilot for the 4018, fashioned the way it looked when it left the factory in 1941. Wow, this is one of the most difficult pilots to build, that the boys have ever encountered! Never have they built a pilot with a rotating cover and coupler. Once the basic frame was built, the face cover was cut and applied to the frame. I then had the boys mark off all the elongated holes, drill holes on each end of the marks, and then make a cut between the holes. A file was used to clean up each elongated hole on the sides. Once the holes were cut, I had the boys cut out the rotating cover. Horizontal plates were cut and attached to the top and bottom of the rotating cover, as well as the bottom and top of the opening. With the horizontal plates in place, the rotating cover was put back in the pilot, and the pivot point was marked on the bottom of the pilot and drilled. I felt that the boys should measure twice and drill once, as the placement of the pivot hole is critical. Well, they had one shot at it, and I am happy to say that they nailed it on the first try! The coupler was fitted in the pivoting cover and the pin was put in place. It worked as designed!!! The boys went wild, patting themselves on the back and celebrating the win! I knew they could do it, but I still had my doubts they would nail it on the first try. After the boys settled down, I had them put all the extra details on the pilot, such as the steps and cutting leavers. The final task was to mount it to the front engine. The center was marked off and the height gauges were put in place. The pilot was bonded to the chassis and the boys called it a day. I am going to have the boys hang the pumps and build the front shield next. .   - Barry   

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