Barry Bogs'  1/22.5  scale

Union Pacific  Big Boy  4018

Turret Cover & Steam Dome - June/July 2021


Guys:   I directed the boys to move towards the middle of the boiler next and work on the steam dome and turret cover. The steam dome was a lathe job of the boys in the machine shop. After they turned the dome the boys in the erection shop fitted it to the boiler. Not too diffucult, as they have done jobs like this before. The turret cover was something else.... Wow, this was not going to be easy. The cover had to match the curvature of the top of the cab, the down slope of the boiler and the narrowing of the firebox.... There was a lot of head scratching going on in the shop that day. The boys started out by making a frame to try and match the points that I mentioned. Once the frame was built, I had them laminate the entire frame assembly with a thin sheet and then file down the front corners to get the shape correct. The hatch lids and hardware were added to the top and the boys called it a day. I am not so sure they got everything 100% correct, but I am happy with most of it and we are moving on with the project.. Stay tuned for more fun from the shop, as we almost have a munity on the floor during the sand dome construction... Oh the fun....  -  Barry


CWRR-20210717a.JPG CWRR-20210717b.JPG CWRR-20210717c.JPG CWRR-20210717d.JPG CWRR-20210717e.JPG
CWRR-20210717f.JPG CWRR-20210717g.JPG CWRR-20210717h.JPG CWRR-20210717i.JPG CWRR-20210717j.JPG

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