Progress  Pictures !       

A collection of photos over the years, ranging from layout progress to models.
The most recent includes the construction of Rotary OM
Also check out the 'Standard Gauge' section for more pictures...

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T-12  4-6-0 -  the project page construction of a D&RGW T-12 4-6-0 locomotive


Rotary OM  -  the project page for building the D&RGW Rotary OM

 Nov 2014  -  Rockwood Station is finished and open for service

 Oct 2014   -  Work starts on the new Rockwood Station


  9/22/13   -  K27 Engine 450 is finished and painted

  8/11/13   -  K27 Engine 450 is built up and ready for painting

  7/14/13   -  K-27 Engine 450 the running gear is built

  6/23/13   -  K-27 Engine 450 construction begins on the tender


  6/8/13    -  Pagosa Springs Caboose 215 is painted, finished and won an award



 Dec 2012   -  Work has started on Caboose 215


 Jan 2011   -  Durango Station is online and mostly done



 Dec 2010   -  Update and lots completed on Durango Station


 Nov 2010  -  Durango Station in G scale, work has started


 3/21/10  -  Rockwood & Hermosa buildings get updated


 3/20/10  -  Ophir Station & Tram House are completed


 1/21/10  -  Ophir Station & Tram House get test fit


 12/9/09  -  Construction has started on the Ophir station


        - - -         -    no gap in work, see photos in Std Ga area during this time


 4/25/08  -  ProRail operation day photos, 7 hours of operating


12/28/07  -  The High Line is completed – scenery work is done!


12/20/07  -  Scenery work on the High Line over the foyer is started


10/11/07  -  Silverton buildings are painted and scenery worked on


 5/25/07  -  Barry has built the Silverton Station, in 22.5 scale


 1/28/07  -  D&RGW #215, the Pagosa Jct. Combine car gets painted


 1/25/07  -  D&RGW Passenger Cars are now painted Grande Gold


 1/24/07  -  D&RGW #215, the Pagosa Jct. Combine car


 1/22/07  -  D&RGW Combine is completed and ready for paint


 1/12/07  -  D&RGW Coach is scratch built and ready for paint


12/23/06  -  D&RGW Baggage Car 129 is painted and ready for service


11/08/06  -  Scratch building the D&RGW Baggage Car has started


 8/04/06  -  K-28 engine #473 is painted in Bumblebee colors and in service


 8/02/06  -  K-28 engine #479 is built and ready for painting


 7/23/06  -  The K-28s, engine #473 and #479, are almost ready for painting


 6/15/06  -  Work starts on two new, scratch built K-28 locomotives


  6/7/06  -  Bogs Mill is completed!  Take a look at the final painted model


  4/6/06  -  Bogs Mill in Rockwood starts getting details added


 3/2006  -  The Bogs Mill in Rockwood starts to get structures


 2/26/06  -  Elk Park Ore Transfer facility gets built


 2/15/06  -  The Bogs Mill in Rockwood gets a tall trestle


 1/2006  -  Rock molds come off and color goes on in Silverton and trees


11/2005 -  The brown paper goes up as scenery work continues.


10/2005 -  Work starts up in the Silverton Room.  Trestle and Bridges and more, oh my!


 6/2004 -  Lots of scenery work has been completed around the Ophir and Rockwood area.

 3/2004 -  Progress on the scenery around the Control Panels and bridges, plus in Rockwood area

11/9/02 -  The Durango Roundhouse takes shape! Here is a bunch of pictures of the new roundhouse

11/8/02 -  The guys during an operating session on the layout, plus some new scenery shots.

11/3/02 -  Work continues on the 10 stall Durango Roundhouse.  Plus more scenery and ground cover

has been installed, along with more backdrop photo murals. In prep for the November 'Open House'.


7/15/02 -  The scenery takes on a new life when Photo Murals are installed for back-drops.  Look at the depth

these add and the life that comes to a scene with a full size picture installed for a backdrop.


11/11/01 -  Scenery has started! Barry installed the first portion of scenery on the wall area above the foyer,

near the Lobato Trestle, mid-level grade and the "High Line", and in to the Silverton room.


 9/8/01 -  The Howe Truss bridge over the big foyer window is installed!  We also see some new Tunnel Portals

and wood retaining walls, as the work on the scenery begins to take shape.


 8/4/01 -  An "Operating Session" puts the layout and Dispatcher thru their paces. Here we see a couple pictures

of the crews working the line, using RailOp software setup for this layout. And the start of some scenery.

 5/12/01 -  In the Spring, Barry completed the bridge and details, includng all trestle bents.

11/10/00 -  Trains run over the Lobato Bridge! Here you photos of the bridge after being opened.

Not yet finished, but the trains are now running around the upper level and OVER THE BIG BRIDGE.


10/28/00 -  While working on the web-site, I realized that I had two photos that are were very similar.

The difference is one was taken in May of 1995, the other in September of 2000.


10/21/00 -  The Lobato Bridge construction begins! Here you see the steel girder installed,

and the wood "base board" areas for the trestle bent footings and scenery to follow.

 9/30/00 -  Craig Brantley took several photos of Barry's layout. These include several locomotive shots.

 9/16/00 -  Pictures taken of the layout thus far, with the track completed to Silverton. The layout has various

buildings "set" in place" for a feeling and location placement. Permanent structures to be built later.


 4/11/99 -  This is what the layout looked like soon after the initial benchwork started. Also showing

the storage tracks below the Durango yard, and the facial board around the walls with sky blue color.


Most pictures were taken by Frolin Marek, else by Barry Bogs or Craig Brantley as noted.