Durango  Station    -  Update

Busy at work during December 2010, Barry has made much progress on the station!










Finally finished building the station. Slapping on the old paint and lots of it. There were many doors and windows to be hand painted, not to mention the sidewalks and walls. The bay window section was fun, and all 15 of the trim pieces above the windows, had to be handmade as well. I bolted and glued the plastic bay window to the wood center section.

The station is 7 feet long! It is not finished, as I am waiting on the roof singles, as well as signage and other details yet to be done.  It is a total scratch built project, as I made all of the masters and castings for the chimneys, doors and windows. I have talked about it for years, and decided it was time to get off my back side and do something about it.    - Barry

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