Durango  Station    in   1/22.5   Scale

In November 2010,  Barry started working on a building project he has planned for some time.  Below is his summary so far...










Here are the first pictures of Durango station next to the yard. It is big, but not as big as I thought it would be. I wanted to get a feel for how tight things would be, and I will be cutting the base off to get some clearance to walk by it. The bay window sticks out about 2 and 3/4", and I need an additional 2 inches clearance between the bay window and the edge of the ties. Ward, there is 13 square feet of roof on the entire structure, so I will need that much roofing material. Got all of the siding on the three pieces, save for a few trim boards to tie the three together. I finished the base and got it attached to the layout. It uses four wing nuts to hold it on and two brackets. The whole thing is removable and will slide under the layout, but I will have to remove one of the smoke stacks on the two story part. I finished casting all of the windows and doors and got them cleaned up, ready to paint. The next part is to build the bay window and get it attached.    - Barry

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