Operating Session & Scenery Starts

Its August 4th, 2001, and an Operating Session is underway. This layout was designed for operating, running local freights and switching cars. It takes a crew between 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hours 45 minutes, from starting to build their train in the Durango Yard, until they travel the entire layout and return to the yard and break-down their train.

We also see the start of scenery, the initial layers of Hydrocal go in.

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Mr. Barry, ready for the trains to operate over his railroad

The Dispatcher at the Main Panel. Thats me, ready to get to work.

Doug reviews his Train Manifest, before his train departs the Durango Yard.

Switching in Silverado can be a challenge, especially at eye level.

Here the crew of a local freight, line up over an uncoupler.

A Train Manifest generated by RailOp. Note the simplicity.

Scenery is started. Note the area under the bridge footings are also getting scenery.

The first layer of hard shell is installed, rock molds will follow.

The left tunnel is the grade uphill, the right tunnel is to Lobato.

The other side of the wall, in the Silverton room, show same two.

Created  9/2001