In revising the web-site, I realized that I have two photos of Barry, standing in the layout area by the panel. One photo is of the current layout, under construction and taken in September of 2000. The other photo is of the previous layout, taken in May of 1995. When you look at both, you will see an amazing similarity in the two...




In both photos, the camera angle is looking back 'in to' the room, and you will notice...

- the yard on the right, narrows down to the lead track and goes under another track

- the control panel is on the right and far end of the yard (away from the camera)

- the coaling tower and water tank, are on the far right end of the yard

- the isle is in the middle but curves off to the left behind Barry

- on the left side, tracks curving around a corner (a trestle is planned on the new layout)

- on the left, the upper level has a spur backing in to it at the left edge of the picture

- a town is on the upper level, back behind Barry

- various certificates are up on the upper wall area, behind Barry


The new layout was not designed to have these similar features. It is s interesting how things turned out though. It is often said, a good thing never dies. I guess thats true of the track plans of the Colorado & Western Railroad!


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Found on 10/28/00