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Welcome to Frolin's web-site section showing Barry Bogs'
Gn3 Colorado narrow gauge style, an indoor model railroad,
built in the large 1/22.5 scale and located in Spring, Texas.

Track Plan of the layout

Pictures of Standard Gauge equipment

Pictures of layout and NG equipment

Photo Walking Tour the railroad

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This is an "operating" model railroad layout.  It uses CVP's EasyDCC wireless system, Digitrax G scale decoders, Phoenix DCC sound boards, RailOp software for operations
and lots of scratch-built equipment from engines to cars to structures, all in 22.5 scale.
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Info on DCC, Operations and Sound

Video Gallery with short video clips

Barry recently completed a Standard Gauge "Dynamometer" car, built from scratch.  Before that he built  Narrow Gauge Rotary OM and Std Ga Western Maryland Shay #6.  Check out the construction photos.