Colorado & Western  -  Video Clips



Revised on  10 / 28 /  2012


A small sample of video clips of trains on the  C & W  Railroad.


   Note:   These are Windows “wmv” video files.  The video file size is noted next to the name, for reference.

Due to size, it may take a minute or two to download if using a modem or DSL connection.


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  Video Overview of the layout


  Will be loading more videos later, for now a sampler video of the layout.


   Sampler         44 meg    Combined clips of video taken in April of 2012





  October 2009   Test Run videos of the new F3 units


  Barry completed three sets of F3 dieses, A-B pairs, two in Rio Grande colors and one for export in Santa Fe

  Here are two videos that show the one set of RG units, another the SF units, running around the layout


   Rio Grande               18 meg   The Rio Grande F3 diesels in motion


   Santa Fe         11 meg    The Santa Fe units on a test run




  May 12th, 2007   MMRR’s new Stardard Gauge SW1 diesel visits the C&W RR


  I acquired a Standard Gauge  (22.5 scale, Gauge 3)  SW-1 custom built diesel.  Barry and I converted

  it to DCC, added sound and worked on the drive some.  These are quick video clips of it with a train.


   Durango     1.5meg     SW1 diesel comes from Carbon Junction in to Durango Yard


   Elk Valley   2.9meg     SW1 diesel crosses the Elk Valley trestle  ( all videos have sound )


   Rockwood  2.4meg     SW1 travels by Rockwood station




  Videos from Barry’s previous railroad / first indoor Gn3 layout, in early 1990’s


  Before moving to Spring, Barry lived closer to I-10 in West Houston, and built his first Gn3 layout.

  These videos are clips from his previous layout, and due to age have some fading or grains.


   1990                9.7meg     Showing the first Colorado & Western layout, before scenery,  2min


   1991               15.7meg     Full length video of layout, with narration and interviews,  31min


   1992                8.8meg     On his 35th birthday, during open house, a News Crew visited,  2 min






        New pictures and many more videos will be added.