DCC,  Sound  and  Operations


To enhance the joy of running trains, we have added several aspects to our model railroads. This includes on three of the lines, the use of DCC train controls. On all of the lines we have sound equipped locomotives. And we “operate” trains on the three layouts now, the fourth to operate once trackwork allows.


For DCC, we use CVP Product’s EasyDCC System on three of the railroads. This allows us to have true wireless control of various trains on the same tracks. We can control onboard sound systems and run double headers.


For Sound, we have a mixed of sources. Originally using onboard DC sound boards installed in the locos. Today with DCC, three railroads utilize the modern, digital, onboard sound equipped decoders.


And for operations, we there is the casual movement of cars, and there is “operating” with the Train Crew having a printed Manifest or “switch list” to indicate where cars need to be switched. For this we use RailOp software.



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