Lobato Trestle

The bridge itself is finished - early 2001!

These photos were taken in May of 2001. They show the finished trestle and five bents. Notice the details of each part of this large trestle. This is not just a variation of the Lobato Trestle, but a true model of that bridge, both in length and in height. The length of the bridge and the height of each trestle bent, represent the real trestle in New Mexico today.

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Barry's dual gauge - main line runs below the model of the famous trestle

Lobato Trestle in front, 16 feet high. The "High Line" in back, 14 feet up.

Scratch-built 268 crosses the trestle. Look at all the details shown here.

Some 15 feet long, trains have a long roll to get over the "foyer" floor below.

Scenery will cover the plywood footing, to give more real appearance

Each bent is a model of the real one, on the real bridge in New Mexico



Created on 7/2001