The Lobato Bridge ( inital construction )

On Saturday, 10/21/00, the main support girder was temporarily put in place and the mounting brackets

were installed. The suspended "base boards" were installed, where scenery will be installed below

the bridge at a later date. The girder was later removed, so track can be laid on it and the scenic work

can be done to it, on the work-bench. This bridge is 15 foot long, and is 16 foot above the floor.

It is only supported on each end!

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The girder is made of two L angle irons, is stuck in. Note the 12ft tall ladder, 4ft below the girder.

Sting and boards were used to help determine the angle for the plywood base boards.

Looking up from the bottom of the stairway, you see the string and boards again.

The 18in wide plywood sections, 80in and 82in long, are installed.

The bridge bents will come down to the scenery to be installed on these plywood "base boards".

If we could just move that fancy light fixture... Duck your head when going up or down the stairs!