Bogs Locomotive Works    Denver & Rio Grande Western    Rotary  OM

 2/26/17  Finished - Painted - Weathered 
 1/29/17  Rotary is finished and needs paint
 1/28/17  Wheel and Blade work starts
 1/21/17  Rotary body is finished
 1/17/17  Rotary gets the wheel housing
 1/12/17  Rotary body work starts
 11/28/16  Tender is finished
 11/22/16  Tender construction starts
 11/7/16  Water Tank Car is finished
  9/5/16  Water Tank Car is being built
  7/23/16  Construction starts on trucks
 Prototype pictures from 2016 & 2006
 Prototype in operation in February 1976
 Video Preview of real Rotary OY in action
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Background photo taken
   by  Carlos Llamas.
 Used with permission.