Barry Bogs     Union Pacific  FEF-3     Locomotive   in   1/22.5   scale

Barry has built his next
standard gauge,

1/22.5  G  scale  steam locomotive,

a  Union Pacific  4-8-4  FEF-3

that runs on Gauge 3 track
6/27/22   Barry announces this project   8/28   Pilot Truck built   FEF class info on Wikipedia  (off site)
 7/1    Tender is built    9/18   Boiler is started   844  data on Wikipedia  (off site)
7/10   Drivers are cut, machined, made   12/10   Cab, Firebox and Boiler   Union Pacific 844 page  (off site)
7/12   Trailing Truck is built   Jan 2023   Domes and Smokebox      
7/31   Frame and Motor assemble   2/15/23   Pilot and Piping      
8/27   Side Rods, Crank Pins, Value Gear   2/16/23   Build is Complete      
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This section last revised on   2 / 16 / 2023