Barry Bogs
Union Pacific  FEF-3
in  1/22.5  Scale


The Cab, Firebox and Boiler  -  December 10th, 2022

   I directed the boys to work on the running boards first.  After wearing out the shop drill, they finally got the holes done and then the boards were attached to the boiler.  With that task done the next task at hand was to complete the firebox details.  The boys had to fix the shop drill , before they could use it to punch the holes for the stay bolts and rivets.  The boys in the shop populated the firebox and I gave them the rest of the day off! 

   The next day, it was time to work on the cab and back head.  I directed the boys to drag out the back head appliances and place them appropriately.  This was the first time the boys have built an oil fired SG engine, so it looks very different from the coal fired back heads of the past.  Once the back head was done, the sides of the cab were cut out in the fabrication shop, and assembled in the erection shop.  With the sides done, the angled three piece front was installed and reinforced.  With all the bracing done, the round roof was layered on and secured in place with all the rivets the boys hand applied.  The rear cab doors work as well as the roof hatch. Well, there you have the latest scoop from the shop floor.  --  Barry

CWRR_20221210a.JPG CWRR_20221210b.JPG CWRR_20221210c.JPG CWRR_20221210d.JPG
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