Barry Bogs
Union Pacific  FEF-3
in  1/22.5  Scale


Domes and Smokebox  -  January 2023

   When I decided to build the FEF3, It looked like a simple build, but the more we got into each part, it just was not as easy as I thought. Both of the domes are not a normal shape, instead more like the Big Boy, with all the curves and odd shapes. So I directed the boys in the shop to use the same techniques as they did on Big Boy to make them, and of course with my help this time... th a few adjustments here or there, I am pleased with how they turned out. Just took longer than I thought it would. With all the details done, it was time to move on to the stack and smoke box door.

With the domes done, it was time to move on to the smoke stack and smoke box door. The stack was unlike an other unit that the boys have built. I did not hear too much complaining from the shop floor, so it must have went together well. With the stack built and installed, it was time to move on to the smoke box front. The door it self is a slight dome shape, so a 5 inch dome shaped cover was acquired to make the door with. With the door built, all the smoke box dogs were applied and the door was mounted with a ring of bolts. The bell bracket was fabricated and mounted, along with the angle number boards, the emergency light, head light and number board. With a few other details done, the boys called it a day and went home for dinner. Next up is the pilot.  --  Barry

CWRR-20230215a.JPG CWRR-20230215b.JPG CWRR-20230215c.JPG CWRR-20230215d.JPG CWRR-20230215e.JPG
CWRR-20230215f.JPG CWRR-20230215g.JPG CWRR-20230215h.JPG CWRR-20230215i.JPG CWRR-20230215j.JPG
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