Barry Bogs
Union Pacific  FEF-3
in  1/22.5  Scale


Side Rods, Crank Pins, Value Gear  -  August 27t, 2022

   One of the benefits of having built engines for so many years is that some of the parts that the boys made for other projects will work for the current one.  With this FEF3 project, the rods were the only parts that the boys in the casting shop had to make molds of and of course reinforced castings.  The BLW machine shop then put bushings in the ends of the rods, and made crank pins for the drivers.  Once the pins were pressed into the drivers, the boys in the shop fitted the rods to the chassis and fabricated the cross head guides.  With that done, things were still hanging out in mid air, so I directed the boys to fabricate the valve gear and holders, to keep their act together!  All of the details are still not done and I heard moaning when I said "back to work" but that is life in the big shop!  Sometimes it is tough to keep the boys focused when the girls in the office have honey dues on their list, but the boys have to be strong and tell them "I'll get to it later" .  -  Barry
CWRR-20220828a.JPG CWRR-20220828b.JPG CWRR-20220828c.JPG CWRR-20220828d.JPG CWRR-20220828e.JPG
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