Barry Bogs
Union Pacific  FEF-3
in  1/22.5  Scale


Frame and Motor  -  July 31st, 2022

   I sent some raw frame material out to the machine shop where the boys milled the main frames with a 6 mm bit.  Of course both frames were cut together so they are straight and square when done.  Since the LGB Mikado motor blocks are no longer available to the BLW shops, I directed the boys in the casting shop to completely disassemble an original LGB block, and make molds of all seven parts.  With that done, the boys in the casting shop made two complete sets of castings for use on this project.  With all the castings complete, I directed the boys to attach the main frames to the block that holds the motor first.  Once the frames were secured to the block, the other end of the frame was attached to the non motor block, so that the frame was now sitting on four wheels.  The motor was installed, along with the worm gears and drive shafts.  Of course the FEF3 wheel base is so much longer than the original LGB Mikado block, so the connecting shaft that has the universal joints on each end, connecting the two worm gear shafts, had to be extended using a piece of brass tube.

   With that done, I directed the boys to add the "hinge" parts of the motor blocks, cut off of the worm gear section of the blocks, between drivers 2 and 3.  With the sharp curves on the railroad, the chassis has to "bend" to go around the curves.  With these parts installed between the main frames, it was time to put the covers on the top and bottom of the motor block.  With the boys in the casting shop now making the block parts, the erection floor guys can use as many casting as they need to completely cover both the top and bottom of the block.  It is just a matter of cut and paste to get it done now.  With all the block assembled, it was time to cut the main frame between drivers 2 and 3 to get it to bend.  If you look closely at the last picture, you can see the gap between the main frame.  The gap will be covered with a brake shoe, so it will not show on the finished engine.  I am very happy to say that when the boys put the juice to the motor, it ran very smoothly, just like "running on air", as my friend David Hannah use to say. 
 -  Barry
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