Barry Bogs
Union Pacific  FEF-3
in  1/22.5  Scale


The FEF-3 Project  -  Summer 2022

2019 was a great year for railroading and my family.  In June, the boys in the shop and the girls in the office, went on vacation to Utah to visit Promontory Summit and see the site of the joining of the United States by rail, reliving history, 150 years and a month later. It was the high point of the trip for me, as both myself and my son were asked to dress up and participate in the ceremony, as we were standing around waiting for the event.  We quickly learned our lines and got our clothes on.  It was a day that I will never forget!  I stumbled with some of my lines, but I would do it again in a heart beat.  My Mom and Dad took me there in 1969 for the 100th anniversary, but there were no engines to celebrate with, just track and lots of open sky.  I told my son that I want him to pack up the family and attend the 200th anniversary, as I will not be able to make that one.....

   What we did not get to witness, was the UP 150 gold spike ceremony in Ogden a month earlier with Big Boy and the FEF3.  With thousands of folks attending, I am not sure that we could have even got close or heard what they were saying.  I was able to view it on the web, but all the time I was wishing I could have been there with those lucky few friends of mine who did.  Well, with that said, I feel that I need to right the wrong, and recreate the scene in G scale, so that I can say I witness it with my own eyes!  Soooo, what do we need to do that, you may ask?  My Big Boy is already running on the CWRR, but we are missing the other engine!  You got it!  844, FEF3!

   With no time to waste, I quickly directed the boys in the shop to get to work on the project.  I thought you might like to see what I have envisioned for the engine to look like when complete.  I thought I was just going to paint the engine black as it is today, but after seeing what it looked like with the Grayhound paint scheme, it spoke to me and I decided this is what I want.  (Don't ask me what it said) With that decision made, I contacted the boys in the shop at Circus City Decals, and had them create all of the beautiful graphics for the engine. At least now, the paint and decals are set, and the boys in the BLW shop can move forward with the project.

Thanks for your time and interest in the projects of
Bogs Locomotive Works

Barry Bogs,  chief of everything BLW.
Still building the engines dreams are made of, since 1987.

c_UP844.jpg d_CWRR_UP844.jpg e_CWRR_UP844.jpg f_UP844.JPG g_UP844.JPG
h_UP-844.jpg i_UP-844.jpg j_UP-844.jpg k_UP-844.jpg l_UP-844.jpeg m_UP-844.jpg
n_UP-844.JPG o_UP-844.JPG p_UP-844.JPG

Note:  This page includes various photos to introduce this project.  Several were found online via a web-search that I did.  These show the real engines and some available models.
The last three photos are from Barry, showing the brass, O scale model of engine 837, that he has on hand for reference while buidling this locomotive in G scale.  - Frolin

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