The  personal  web-site  of
Frolin Marek
now  in  Boerne, Texas 

My indoor Gn3 model railroad.  It is a freelance narrow gauge layout based on various branch lines that operated in the mountains of Colorado.  The layout is mainly built for "operations" (switching cars) and uses EasyDCC for train contol and RailOp software for generating Train Manifests (switchlist).  Trains run and construction progress continues.

- Jon & Joan Lindgren's  G outdoor railroad in Converse, Texas

- Fred & Peggy McGinney's  GnM  model railroad near San Antonio

- my venture to link up narrow gauge modelers and railfans in Texas

My "riding scale" venture, to build and operate larger scale equipment that runs on the common 7 1/2" track systems. I am building a freelance locomotive roughly in 4" scale and designed for me to ride 'inside' the cab not on top of it.

An area that covers my railroad adventures, from annual Colorado trips to business trips where I go find trains on the side. Some folks go on a "vacation", friends call my "expeditions". Here I also have some of the magazine articles I have written on railroads.

Information on the "San Antonio Summer Train Show".  For ten years I sponsored and ran my regional model railroad and railfan show.  It was held on the "first Saturday in June" and the goal was to have it for 10 years.  The last year for my show was June 2000.

An area for items I am selling, my own stuff and for good friends.

A section showing my recent  Radio Control Helicopter activities.  Includes pictures
of me flying and area meets, plus information about the local San Antonio group.

- Barry Bogs'  Gn3 model railroad in Spring, Texas

- Craig Brantley's  On3 model railroad in Spring, Texas

This is the 'old' home page for my website,
 being the main menu with links to various websites
 I created for my own railroading and ventures,
 to sites for other railroads and events, I hosted...

Marek  Mountain

Other  Model  Railroad  web-pages  featured  on  Marek  Mountain...

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- non-formal group of G gaugers in the San Antonio, Texas area

- Jerry Marek's  On30 model railroad in San Antonio

- John Ozanich's  3 3/4" scale, 1/3 size, live steam railroad in Michigan

- the 27th National Sn3 Symposium in Albuquerque, NM

- all updates to all pages and websites, under Marek Mountain

- info about my use of EasyDCC and RailOp software

- the 28th National Sn3 Symposium in Bloomington, Mn.

- the annual O scale meet, was in OKC, now in Ft.Worth, Tx.

- other model / scale railroads that I visit, operate or work on

- the 29th National Sn3 Symposium in Dallas, Tx.

- the 26th National Sn3 Symposium in Monrovia, Ca.

- the 25th National Sn3 Symposium in Houston, Tx.

- collection of old model railroad videos I have taken

- Eddie Carroll's HO/HOn3 layout in Houston, Texas

- 35th National Narrow Gauge Convention in Houston, Tx.  ( I created )

2018 N. N. G. C.

- 38th National Narrow Gauge Convention in Bloomington, Mn.  (original site I created)


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I have had websites for over 25 years.
This home page and many of my sites have been online
for many years.  As such they are of an older desi
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(not mobile ready).

In 2024, I hope to build fresh new sites for all of these.