Marek  Mountain  Videos

This page has been setup during the initial phase of some video roll-outs, to be a one stop page with links to various videos I have been bringing on-line.


Who made these old videos anyway ? -  While dubbing an old Hi8mm video tape, I found a intro narrative I made in 1991, for a video tape I created with several railroads on it.  3min
Marek Mountain - the beginning -  my start in to G scale, while living in an apartment in 1986, I removed the HO layout and built a sectional system for a G switching layout, all in the living room.  12min
Marek Mountain Railroad 1 -  Frolin's previous layout in the duplex.  Shows from the empty room, thru construction phases, up to start of scenery and operations.  A complete layout recap.  16min (big download)
Marek Mountain Railroad 1,  on TV in 1993  -  Frolin's previous layout, on various News casts for holiday footage, to show trains for the coming Christmas season.  3min

Marek Mountain  SW1, visits the CWRR,  passing by Durango Yard -  this is a scratch built 1/22.5 Std Gauge, Gauge 3, diesel switcher I acquired (needs new paint) on a test run.  1min
Marek Mountain  SW1  -  passing through Elk Park on the CWRR.  1min
Marek Mountain  SW1  -  passing by Rockwood on the CWRR.  1min
Marek Mountain RR,  Uphill run on new layout  -  some old video clip of the new railroad.  1min
RailOp Clinicin St. Louis in 2011  -  this link takes you to a summary page on my clinic about the software and basic setup and use, along with links to watch the video of the clinic
LGB Convention,  in St. Louis in 1995  -  a sampler video clip from my trip video to go to the convention, where I also presented two clinics, one of the Georgetown Loop RR, another on D&RGW Narrow Gauge.  6min
Colorado 1997,  a Sampler clip from my trip to Colorado with Paul Steve, giving an idea of what I do on "vacation"?  Shows samples of places and trains and travels in "four wheel drive".    3min


Colorado & Western Railroad,  May 2012 - video sampler of Barry's current layout, with a short overview of the layout and room, then a bunch of trains running by, several Standard Gauge.  3min 
Colorado & Western Railroad,  1989-1990 - Barry Bogs' previous layout, some clips showing bare bench work before any scenery work was started, along with glimpse of early Bogs engines.  2min
Colorado & Western Railroad Review,  1991 - A video I made showing Barry's first layout, overview, riding the train, with segments of Barry explaining construction techniques.  31min  (big download but nice stuff)
Colorado & Western Railroad, on TV in July 1992 - Barry Bogs' 35th birthday featured an open house and a local news crew visited, so Barry was on TV for his birthday.  2min
Colorado & Western Railroad,  1993 - Barry Bogs' previous layout in review with interviews.  8min 

Colorado & Western Railroad,  F3 Diesels in Rio Grande scheme,  2009 -  2min
Colorado & Western Railroad,  F3 Diesels in Santa Fe scheme,  2009 - 2min


D&RGW Spring Div - Craig Brantley's O/On3, November 2011, a Std Gauge train,  2 1/2 min
D&RGW Spring Div - Craig's O/On3,  a K36 freight headed downhill,  4 1/2 min
D&RGW Spring Div - Craig's O/On3,  a K28 powered passenger train uphill,  3 min
D&RGW Spring Div - Craig's O/On3,  a C-16 pulls a Southbound freight train,  3 min


Cedar Break & Rattler,  2011 - Fred McGinney's Summer project is building a portable G scale layout using the small LGB Field Railway equipment, and a layout that is only 4ft by 8ft.  2min
Dennis Grigassy's  G Gauge  Layout,  1991 - Some video taken years ago of Dennis' previous house and his indoor/outdoor G gauge railroad.  7min
Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Rlwy,  2005 - A clip I took during a visit to John Ozanich's  1/3  size railroad in Michigan, showing a live steam Forney pulling a train in show  (note the engineer in the tender).  2min


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