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…an idea to bring area ‘G Gaugers’ together in the San Antonio area

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Monthly “Open House” is normally the 3rd Sunday of the month



Please call or email us to see, when and where the next open house will be







The idea of a G gauge social was first discussed in years past with other G layouts in the area, but no commitment was ever made.  Jon & Joan Lindgren moved to the San Antonio area from New Mexico and started construction on a large outdoor railroad, And Frolin’s indoor railroad went through expansion, but is running again now.  So we discussed having folks over to visit, at least one day a month to have a regular “Open House”.  It started with a date in August, invite flyers were sent to folks to come see what we are doing and to find out what they are doing.  Plus start a running dialogue with others interested in G gauge and maybe have a monthly “social”.


We are hopeful that several other garden railroaders in the area will attend.  There are a couple other garden railroads in this area.  Going forward maybe we can establish a non-formal connection with others who are also interested and/or serious about G gauge trains.  And may find other layouts to visit, and other G Gaugers to share ideas and tips, help each other with G trains, and have a local network of folks who run and model with large scale trains.





The Los Gatos Locos Railway is located in Converse, Texas and has been in operation for three years.  The layout is constructed in a planter which is two feet high, and the longest side is 95 feet while the largest cross section is 35 feet.  The railroad has a natural 2.5% grade.  The railroad has long runs and several towns, with various plants covering the areas.  The railroad is operated using LocoLinc by KeithCo, and radio throttles.  Train switch lists are generated by RailOp software.


Direction:  Travel Loop 1604 South from IH 35 E until Loop 1604 crosses FM 78. 

  Shortly after crossing FM 78 Loop 1604  narrows into a two lane road heading to IH 10. 

  After the road narrows, there is a Valero service station on the right, and Miramar Blvd. 

  Turn right into Miramar sub-division and continue to the first intersection turning left on

  to Liberty View.  Continue to the end of the street and the single story house on the left,

  marked by a train flag.  Enter the right gate.


Jon Lindgren                                             < to see pictures of this railroad click here >

8904 Liberty View,  Converse, Tx.

(210) 658-9693





Marek Mountain Railroad is an indoor Gn3 model railroad, built just like smaller scale layouts.  It is located on the Northeast side of San Antonio, utilizing almost 500sq ft of space, inside!  The layout features three levels of tracks and is designed mostly for operations (switching).  Before construction halts, the layout had formal operating sessions once or twice a month.  The railroad is operated using EasyDCC with wireless throttles.  And train manifests are generated by RailOp software.


Directions:  Travel Loop 1604 on the North side (between I-35 and Hwy 281), exit

  on O’Connor Rd.  Go 1.6 miles (crossing RR tracks) and turn right on Misty Run

  (before Stahl Rd lite, Madison HS on left).  At first street, turn right on to Misty Bend. 

  At the cul-de-sac, turn left on Harpers Bend.  It’s the sixth house on right.


Frolin Marek                                                          < to see pictures of this railroad click here >

4647 Harpers Bend,  San Antonio, Tx.

(210) 655-1400





The Cedar Break & Rattler Railroad is located in Wimberley, Texas and has been in operation for over 18 years (at three different houses).  The layout is a combination of indoor and outdoor railroading with a Yard and Town scene on one side of the living, running around the Master Bedroom, thru tunnel to go outside, on to a raised planting area circling the closed in Courtyard area.  The railroad features extensively kit-bashed and detailed equipment.


Direction:   contact Frolin for directions or to follow me over.


Fred & Peggy McGinney                          < to see pictures of this railroad click here >

Wimberley, Texas          




Read more information, please call Jon or Frolin,  or simply <Email> us if you have any questions.



Book-mark this web-page and check back for updates every month

on when and where the next open house will be at and for date & times.


If you can not attend on the monthly date, contact us anyway about visiting another day.

Call or email us to be added to a list of folks we will send a reminder to each month, with the date.


This is not a one time open house – if you can’t make it this month then come next month.



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