35th  Annual
National  Narrow  Gauge Convention
Sept. 2nd-5th,  2015   in  Houston, Texas

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in   2015   and see our

  Narrow   Gauge   ?

When you think of Texas, did you know...
- had fought for independence to be a Country, before joining the US
- the first Battleship in the U S Navy was named after it
- has the tallest State Capital at 308ft, taller than the U S Capital
- has the King Ranch, which is bigger than the State of Rhode Island
- has more farmed land than any other State
- the name comes from an Indian word, Tejas,  meaning friends
And some facts about Houston...
- was the first word spoken on the Moon
- is the 4th largest City in the U S
- the metropolitan area is larger than the State of New Jersey
- has a Theater District second only to New York City

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Watch our invitational video on YouTube, to
see some of the layouts that will be on tour !

For best viewing, click the 'YouTube' button once starts,
then expand the video to full screen and enjoy the ride.

This  Convention  was last year in 2015. . .
Would you like to see photos of the Contests entries ?
  ... go to the  'Contest'  page to see various photos

Our  Convention DVD  was available during the Spring and
  included the contest room, layout tours, and other activities.

     All the proceeds went to the  Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation.
       Sales of this DVD ended on  June 15th, 2016

Have you started planning for the
  36th year is in Augusta, Maine.  
  Visit their site...

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    June 20th, 2016