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Many have been getting these email notices for months about updates.

There will be few updates to the web site in the final weeks, as many details like
Clinics, Layout tours and Vendors, is all going to press soon.

People who registered by 8/15/15, should receive an email with schedules and
layout data about 1-2 weeks before the Convention.  Everyone who pre-registered
will also receive a printed copy in their 'Welcome Package' when they check in.

35th  Annual
National  Narrow  Gauge Convention
Sept. 2nd-5th,  2015   in  Houston, Texas

In the coming months, there will be many additions and updates to this website, from more Layouts on Tour, to Clinics and Vendors list being updated and so forth. 
This page will have a running summary of those updates.

Website Updates Log

 6/20/16  DVD sales ended on 6/15, order page removed from site

 1/10/16  Convention DVD made available to order

 9/12/15  Contest Entry Pictures loaded

 9/2/15  The Convention started !

 8/16/15  Event Schedule & Layout directions sent to Registrants

 8/9/15  Final online Clinic updates made
            Added flag to show layouts with their own web sites

 8/5/15  Added another home layout, the AR

7/28/15  Updated Clinic list, replaced two with two

7/25/15  Added 2 YouTube layout videos, of GBV and GN layouts

7/23/15  Added Great Lakes HOn30 layout and photos

7/16/15  Added W W & F layout and photos

7/15/15  Added 2 YouTube layout videos, of TW and CRR layouts

7/14/15  Added Muskrat Ramble layout and photos

7/12/15  Added June update photos to GCTC On30 layout page

7/1/15  Updated Clinic listing, removed 1, added 1

6/28/15  Added  Great Northern  layout

6/27/15  Loaded an expanded  Spouse Program  flyer

6/10/15  Added May update photos to the GCTC On30 layout page

 6/6/15  Added 3 more YouTube layout videos
              C&W,  D&RGW SD,  and SCW  layouts

 6/5/15  more items added to the Extra page for things to do

 6/4/15  Convention Hotel is booked, alternate options added

5/24/15  Setup new 'Extras' page on the menu bar, with info about...
              - Texas State Railroad Photo Special option
              - Saturday evening Slideshow information
              - Saturday night Auction information

5/22/15  Updated the Clinic listing

5/17/15  Updated Clinic and Vendor listings

 5/9/15  Added  Galveston Model RR Club & Museum layout
            Added  Galvestion County Model RR Club layout

 5/8/15  Added progress photos to Gold Creek Timber layout

4/21/15  Add more Clinics and descriptions

4/11/15  Added New Mexico NG Modular Club layout
             Added new pictures to the Gold Creek Timber layout

3/28/15  Added new Clinics to the list  +  Event link

3/22/15  New layout added, the Baltimore & Ohio

3/21/15  Loaded Schedule data and revised registration forms

3/20/15  Updated Clinic Listing, Vendors and Contest pages

 3/9/15  February update photos loaded on GCTC laypage

 3/8/15  Spouse Activities list loaded on  'Local'  page

 3/2/15  YouTube video added to RGS layout page

 3/1/15  Two new layouts added,  All Points North & Texas Western 

 2/12/15  YouTube video added to Tall Pine layout page

  2/3/15  added the Clinic list and Contest details

11/26/14  added area RV Park options

 11/8/14  Vendor Listing has been loaded

10/23/14  Hotel update, King size rooms are booked up

10/19/14  replaced photos of Chuck Lind's layout

 9/24/14  added Jim Lemmond's layout page

 9/10/14  added links to other NG Events, under News

 9/2/14   full featured website goes online and public

Aug 2014   many final details and updates loaded to this site

Sept 2010  temporary web page goes up for this Convention


Links to other Narrow Gauge Events
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   2016  -  Augusta,  Maine
37th National Narrow Gauge Convention
   2017  -  Denver,  Colorado
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   2018  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota
30th Sn3 Symposium
   April 2015  -  Seattle, Washington
31st Sn3 Symposium
   Feb. 2016  -  Tampa, Florida
32nd Sn3 Symposium
   April 2017  -  St. Louis, Missouri

Trivia Note:   Most NG Convention web sites do not go fully online until the week of the Convention, the year before theirs.  Just a default page goes up for book-marking.  It's kinda a tradition and courtesy.  Plus there are not many details to share over a year away. As example, next year's Convention site will probably have a single home page today, and a more fully features web-site once our convention week starts.

39th National Narrow Gauge Convention
   2019  -  Sacramento, California
40th National Narrow Gauge Convention
   2020  -  St. Louis, Missouri
32nd Mid-Atlantic NG Guidel Module Meet
   May 15-16, 2015  -  Kimberon, Pennsylvania
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