Great Northern  -  O  -  Ted Doyle
  modeling a portion of the GN system in the early 1940's

Great Lakes Modular Club  -  HOn30
modular layout with members from various States

Muskrat Ramble Modular Club  -  On30
modular layout, built in Australia, now from Louisiana

35th  Annual
National  Narrow  Gauge Convention
Sept. 2nd-5th,  2015   in  Houston, Texas

Houston is home to many Narrow Gauge model railroads.  Scales including HOn3, Sn3, On3, Gn3 and Fn3.  Their settings range from various Colorado lines, to logging roads, and to freelance roads.  Some are also dual gauge.

     All layouts on our tours have trains that run today...

Below is the current list of layouts on tour.  Our goal is to have layouts with trains running that you will want to see, not just a long list to thin out.
We now  15  YouTube videos of our layouts !
Plus 12 layouts have their own web site with more pictures!

Clear Creek Logging Co.  -  Fn3  -  Rich Schiffman
  indoor 1/20.3 logging operation

Colorado & Western  -  G/Gn3  -  Barry Bogs
  indoor 1/22.5 scale D&RGW based railroad

D&RGW - Spring Division  -  O/On3  -  Craig Brantley
  dual gauge with a long narrow gauge branch line

Glenbrook Valley  -  HO/HOn3  -  Eddie Carroll / John Weiss
  very large, dual gauge modeling Colorado routes and locations

Great Great Northern  -  HO  -  Don Bozeman
  very large layout based on the Great Northern

Pagosa Creek Timber Co.  -  On3  -  Paul Cesak
  freelance logging operation

Rio Grande Southern  -  Sn3  -  Craig Raymond
  modeling portions of the Southern

Stony Creek & Western  -  HO/HOn3  -  Gil Freitag
  large freelance railroad with dual gauge operations

Tall Pine Lumber Co.  -  O/On3  -  Chuck Lind
  freelance logging similar to the Westside Lumber Co.
    * featured in the current issue of Gazette magazine *

Attendees will provide their own transportation to Home layouts.

The Clinic and Layout schedules (with addresses) will be available
a week before the Convention if you want to plan your visit ahead.
You must register and provide a reliable email address before August 15th
 to get access to this information in advance.
It will be PRINTED and in the handout package at the door, for everyone pre-registered.

- -  most recent layout addition on  8 / 4 / 15  - -

Elk Canyon & Western  -  Sn3  -  North Tx NG Grp
portable display layout inspired by Ouray, Co

Layouts on display at the Hotel

Layouts on the Home Tours & Clubs

Cedartap  -  HO/HOn3  -  Jim Lemmond / Loren Neufeld
  detailed and scenics layout big mountains and bridges

Gold Creek Timber Co.  - On30 -  Loren Neufeld / Jim Lemmond
portable display layout being built for this Convention
   *  final update photos loaded  8/17  -  come see the layout  *

All Points North Model Railroad Club  -  HO/HOn3
  large club with two layouts, both features narrow gauge

Texas Western  -  Fn3  -  John Frank
  outdoor 1/20.3 Live Steam railroad with D&RGW equipment

Baltimore & Ohio  -  HO  -  Cliff Cheeseman
  very details layout with loads of things to see

Galveston Model Railroad Club & Museum  -  HO/HOn3
  the club layout is located in Galveston, near the RR museum

Galveston County Model Railroad Club  -  HO/N/O/G
  the club layout is located in Texas City, near Galveston

New Mexico Narrow Gauge Modular Club  -  HOn3
large modular layout with various scenes and details

Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington  -  On30  -  Pete Leach
  an On2 layout on On30 based on the WW&F two footer in Maine

Animas River Rlwy  -  Fn3  -  Greg & Brenda Cauthen
  outdoor 1/20.3 garden railway based on Silverton area

What does those icon's above mean ?

      =  click the locomotive to open the layout Photo page

      =  is just a flag there is a  YouTube  video on that page

      =  is a flag meaning the railroad has it's own web site

Raton & Western  -  HO  -  Robert Ashcraft
  Santa Fe & D&RGW style layout