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  A listing of recent updates to my web-site, in the various sections…

   This new ‘log’ has been created to provide a single place to find out what new on my personal web-site.                

   Marek Mountain features sections for my railroad activities and interests, my vacation and Day Trip pictures,

   plus sections for other model railroads I visit.  And also my Radio Control helicopter activities too.


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    - - -   see the  Site Key   list down below  - - -


      Date          Section   what has been added


     3/26/12      Sn3        Bought and setup the initial page for the Sn3-2014 site


     3/24/12      SRCL    added pictures of the new 559 caboose


     2/8/12        Sn3        Revised Sn3 2013 site with photos and details


     2/5/12        SW O    Updated the Southwest O Scale site to reflect 2012


     2/3/12        RO         Loaded the St.Louis RailOp Clinic videos online


     1/5/12        DRGW    Loaded videos of the DRGW Spring Div On3 layout


    12/11/11    SRCL      Rebuilt the Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Rlwy website


    11/22/11    Sn3         added layout tour photos to the Sn3-2012 site


    11/13/11     MM        added more videos to new movies section


     10/25/11    MM        Setup the videos page for Marek Mountain


     9/17/11      Sn3        Updated Sn3-2012 site with forms


     9/7/11        SW O    Bought domain and setup initial Southwest O Scale site


     5/11/11      Sn3        Bought domain and setup initial Sn3-2013 site



    - - many updates were done from mid-2007 to mid-2011,  but not added to this list - -



     5/25/07      C&W,  pictures of new Silverton Station in 22.5 scale


     5/20/07      C&W,  pictures of a new Std Ga L-131 steam engine tender


     4/28/07      MMRR,  pictures of track work in Alamosa storage area


     1/25/07      C&W,  pictures of painted D&RGW Passenger Cars


     1/24/07      C&W,  pictures of new D&RGW Pagosa Jct. Combine


     1/22/07      C&W,  pictures of new D&RGW Combine car


     1/12/07      C&W,  pictures of new scratch built D&RGW Coach


    1/17/07       LGRR,  pictures of ICE on the outdoor garden railroad


    12/23/06     C&W,  pictures of completed D&RGW Baggage 129


    11/25/06     LGRR,  pictures of visit and operating session on the outdoor garden railroad


    11/8/06       C&W,  pictures of a scratch built D&RGW Baggage car in 22.5 scale


   10/21/06      RC Heli,  some pictures of the ARCA 2006 Heli Fun Fly


   11/27/06      DRGW-SD,  pictures of layout covered in brown paper and some plaster too


   11/12/06      DRGW-SD,  pictures of brown paper going up to cover benchwork


   10/20/06      DRGW-SD,  pictures of scenery progress on High Line and new trestle


   10/17/06      LS&SF,  new “Video Clips” section added for short train videos


   10/14/06      LS&SF,  pictures taken at then Operating Session on Jack’s railroad


    9 / 2006      RC Heli,  pictures of some of the flying at the San Antonio field in September


    8/29/06       RC Heli,  pictures of me flying my Blade CX inside a high school gym


    8/13/06       RC Heli,  pictures of the second day flying of my Raptor 50 in the back yard


    8/12/06       RC Heli,  pictures of my first day flying of my Raptor 50 at the field


     8/4/06        C&W,  pictures of newly painted K-28 473 in Bumblebee colors


     8/2/06        C&W,  pictures of new K-28 473 during construction


     7/4/06a      CB&R,  pictures of Engines and Cars run during the July 4th visit


     7/4/06b      CB&R,  pictures of Engines and Cars run during the July 4th visit


    6/23/06       LGRR,  pictures of NMRA-LSR open house and operating session






   Site Key  +  links to various sections of my web-site  (click on the ‘key’ here to jump to that section)


    MMRR         -   Marek Mountain Railroad, my Gn3 indoor model railroad

    MMGS         -   Marek Mountain Guide Service pictures, including vacation and ‘Day Trip’ pictures

    RC Heli        -   Marek Mountain Guide Service - RC Helicopter Division, my RC heli flying and meets

    C&W            -   section showing Barry Bogs’ G/Gn3 model railroad

    CB&R           -   section showing Fred & Peggy McGinney’s indoor/outdoor Gm model railroad

    DRGW-SD  -   section showing Craig Brantley’s O/On3 model railroad

    LS&SF        -   section showing Jack Merkle’s HO model railroad

    LGRR           -   section showing Jon & Joan Lindgren’s G model railroad

    M&Sw         -   section showing Tom Crosthwait’s HO model railroad



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