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This is a freelance, narrow gauge railroad that you can ride!

The track gauge is 7 1/2 inches wide (the same gauge that many call "live steam" ).
My railroad will include a track around my home in San Antonio, Texas.
I am building "narrow gauge" equipment, to operate on a freelance railroad
that will be modeling a "two foot gauge" mining shortline, with switching.
My equipment will be in 3 3/4" scale
(often rounded to 4inch scale for easy math ).
This means, the equipment will almost be 1/3 the size of the real thing!
Most folks who model trains this size and on this gauge of track, are
in 1 1/2 inch scale or 1.5" to the foot, for "standard gauge" modeling.

Marek  Mountain  Mining
and  Railroad  Company

Motive Power: the diesel I am building plus some leased engines

Rolling Stock: the equipment I have so far

Mini-Meets: photos of meets I put together around the region

Road Trips: photos of 7.5" railroads I have visited

The Railroad: the track and structures around the house

Interchange Track: links to other railroads and related companies

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