Marek  Mountain  Railroad

The indoor Gn3 model railroad of Frolin Marek in San Antonio, Texas

A collection of various pictures taken over time showing the layout's construction and progress, building projects, operating sessions and open house days.

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5 / 2010

Standard Gauge Gondola arrives, 41ft long and it's big next to the LGB gondola


Lite Operating Session with a young Crew running the layout

4 / 2009

Standard Gauge Caboose arrives, primed and painted, needing lettering


Silverado scenery test, to consider adding trees and 3 rd track


Lumberton has a new Interchange Track and gets first traffic


Construction starts on new spur in Lumberton

4 / 2008

Standard Gauge Tank Cars under construction by Barry Bogs, for his and my layout


Operating Session, a shakedown run after some new construction

8 / 2008b

My Standard Gauge train to date, an SW-1 diesel and two tank cars

8 / 2008a

Two Standard Gauge tank cars, painted and decaled, compared to LGB tank car


Open House for area “G Gaugers” and new lift bridge installed


Alamosa panel is built, which includes a custom reverse loop circuit


Alamosa storage is covered and the lift bridge is installed

7 / 2007

Work on the lower level storage tracks in Alamosa

6 / 2007

Short overview of my various non-stock locomotives

5 / 2007

Stretched Passenger Car project produces new longer coaches

4 / 2007

Four storage spurs are added to the Alamosa track area

4 / 2006

Alamosa storage track work is started, in the lower level area

5 / 2005

Switches get installed on the Alamosa storage area ladder

3 / 2005

Scratch building switches, from cutting lumber for ties to spiking frogs

8 / 2004

Bench work is started for the lower storage area of Alamosa

7 / 2003

The old module tables removed, mid and lower level trackage is planned

2 / 2003

The Lumberton area gets some initial ground cover

1 / 2003

Photo Murals were installed in Vista Grande (mountain scenes in the bedroom)

6 / 2002

Bench work is built for Lumberton and track laying goes quickly

4 / 2002

The second garage door is closed off and insulated, and walls painted blue


Summary of pictures taken of the layout and some trains running