Marek  Mountain  Railroad

The indoor Gn3 model railroad of Frolin Marek in San Antonio, Texas

The layout is built using two rooms.  The main area is the 20x20ft two car garage space, and have three levels of tracks.  The mid-level and upper are connected via a near 50ft grade of 3%, running around the walls of the Master Bedroom.

There are three levels to the layout: the lower for storage/staging, the mid level yard, and the upper level with two branch lines and towns.
Track is all hand-laid, code 250 rail, and all switches are scratch built with plastic frogs I cast with Alumilite, powered by Tortoise motors.

Trains are controlled using an EasyDCC system and wireless throttles. All engines feature on-board sounds.

The equipment is a mix of brands, some kit-bashed and some scratch-built. The goal will be to have nothing "out of the box" and if it is not a close model for D&RGW, to be private road name model.

Click to read a "what if" story of how my previous layout came to be,  if based on a real railroad.

The layout was designed for more operations, leaving less room for scenery.  Currently, a normal session can key 3-4 operators busy for 3 hours, running 2-3 trains each.  The final layout should keep 4-5 people busy for a session.