Los Pinos & Alamosa - Track Planning

The temporary tracks were pull out in June/July, the old module tables removed.

First, re-plan the Los Pinos yard, combining proposed plan with experience from temporary tracks.

The yard will have a ‘by pass’ through track on the front side, then the Main and Passing track, and

4 yard spurs against wall. There will be a WYE on one end and engine house area. Below all this,

will be the lower, hidden storage tracks of Alamosa.  Four BIG balloon loops for parking trains.

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The temporary yard used switching module tables and LGB track sections


Silverado is perched above the yard, and storage tracks will go down below it


The yard and main exits thru Hot Water Heater tunnel to go to Vista Grande


Plans look good on paper, but change when construction


The yard ladder on a curve, required due to space limits


Seven tracks, the by-pass left, then Main and Passing, and 4 yard tracks on right


The lower level will be 24 in off the floor, yard will be 37


Alamosa storage area is drawn out with chalk


Overview of the Yard Plan and lower Alamosa plan


Page created on  9/1/03