The Second Garage Door gets closed off

During the last week of May 2002, I started a massive project... to close off the other garage door, build bench-work, lay track, and have Lumberton in service, all before the mid-June - two days of operating sessions, and open house, for the NMRA-LSR convention that was in San Antonio... and I'm not even an NMRA or LSR member?


You see two garage doors from the street when you visit (and 3 Explorers / 1 is mine)


Like most train rooms, they collect stuff some how, when you are ready to build


In the house via the hallway, you go in to the Train Room through this door


One last look out thru the garage door before it is permanently closed off


The garage door remained, as did the second door to the left of this scene


The overhead rails gone, door bolted in, I put up a 1x4 stud-wall system


Then covered it with 2 layers of foam board, its better insulated than the side walls


Hard-board covered the foam, giving a solid wall to work with and paint on


The walls were cleaned and primed, before the blue paint was applied


Called "Wild Blue Yonder", this is the base for a sky back-drop scene


I also painted a portion of the ceiling to help 'wrap' the sky up above the wall area


Remember that messy door area? The sky 'ends' where the benchwork will stop

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