Marek  Mountain  Railroad

The indoor Gn3 model railroad of Frolin Marek in San Antonio, Texas

This page will feature photos and information on the various equipment I use on my layout.

Today, you can see a some examples of equipment on the layout:
 - LGB Mogul
 - Sunset Brass C-16's
 - scratch Std Ga SW-1
 - scratch Std Ga gon
 - kitbashed 0440 mallet

The Sunset engines are the only correct 1/22.5 scale, commercially made engines for Narrow Gauge on LGB track. Made about 25 years ago, about 500 were made, I have three.

The Standard Gauge switcher and gondola are also in 1/22.5 scale, both are scratch built.

Here are some (older) photo pages of some equipment...

May 2010

Standard Gauge Gondola arrives, 41ft long and it's big next to the LGB gondola

April 2009

Standard Gauge Caboose arrives, primed and painted, needing lettering

Aug 2008 b

My Standard Gauge train to date, an SW-1 diesel and two tank cars

Aug 2008 a

Two Standard Gauge tank cars, painted and after decals, plus next to an LGB tank car

June 2007

Short overview of my various non-stock locomotives

May 2007

Stretched Passenger Car project produces new longer coaches

Scale Comparison

What is “G scale” vs. what is “G gauge”.  A comparison of 1/22.5 and 1/29 scales.


Correct scale for "G" is 1/22.5 ratio. Trains often run on "G gauge" track, which is used by other scales, like 1/20.3 (called F), 1/29, 1/32, and 7/8. 
Most brands run on Gauge 1/G track, often called "LGB track".

My railroad will feature "dual gauge" to show true "standard gauge" in 22.5, which uses Gauge 3 track.