July 4th 2009 Operating Session with younger crowd

We had a BBQ on July 4th, 2009 and invited Alli and her family over. 

Afterwards, Alli, Nick and Jerry ran the railroad for a couple hours.

MMRR_July4_runningtrainsaa.jpg MMRR_July4_runningtrainsb.jpg MMRR_July4_runningtrainsd.jpg MMRR_July4_runningtrainsee.jpg
MMRR_July4_runningtrainsf.jpg MMRR_July4_runningtrainsg.jpg MMRR_July4_runningtrainsh.jpg MMRR_July4_runningtrainsi.jpg


Alli is a great new operator and has taken to running trains pretty good in recent months.

Her brother Nick also ran on this day, along with Jerry.

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