The following are progress photos during 2019 of the F81 being built.  Plus prototype and other scale models.
4/13  Drive chassis is started 8/5    Boiler construction starts 12/31  Finished and Painted
4/21  Tender trucks are built 8/18  Bolier itself is completed    
5/2   Tender construction starts 9/12  Work starts on the Cab some prototype examples & drawings
5/17  Tender is finished 9/26  Cab and Boiler detailing examples of smaller scale models
6/4   Drive chassis is finished 9/28  On display during Show-N-Tell    
7/7   Work on the Pilot 9/30  Progress with detailing F81 details on Steam Locomotive site
8/1   Rear truck and frame 10/12  Finished and Ready for Paint F81 engine list with data on each
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