Barry Bogs'  Standard Gauge  40ft   Railway Post Office

Two RPO cars were built in  1/22.5 scale and runs on Gauge 3

Barry's 2nd 2020 project, scratch building two, Standard Gauge, 40 foot, Railway Post Office cars.
Cars are built to 1/22.5 scale and run on Gauge 3 trackage  ( Gauge 1 is often called "G gauge" ).
1/27   trucks created  9/8   body assembled, interior started  Links  to Information on the Prototype
 8/2   RPO project formally starts  9/21   interior car details are installed   what is an RPO,  via Wikipedia
  8/21   side walls cast and body assembled   9/23/20  Painted & Complete    surviving RPO at Niles Canyon Railway
  8/23   underframe details, trucks mounted  9/24   the 2nd RPO painted for SP various brass, O scale, 40ft RPO models
   9/7    roof sections joined     SP RPO in S scale, commercially available


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