Barry’s  Standard Gauge  F 3  Diesel  Project


































   This sub-section features construction and progress photos of the new  F 3 diesels  + videos too


   With the F3 project completed in October of 2009, three sets of diesels are now running.  This includes two A-B sets

   in the Rio Grande schemes (each set different era scheme), and also one A-B set for export in Santa Fe scheme.

   Below are two video files and many progress photos of these diesels from construction to final appearance.


  The Rio Grande F3 diesels in motion, showing one set out on the main line
  The Santa Fe set on a test run over the main line



   10-20-09          Third A-B set is completed, for ‘export’ to a Santa Fe railroad


     8-9-09             Second A-B set is painted in an early Rio Grande scheme


    5-31-09           Maiden run of the first completed and painted, F3 A & B unit set


    5-15-09           Paint shop starts painting the first pair F units in the Grande Gold scheme


    5-13-09           Models of the 567B Prime Mover engines have been built to go inside the large bodies


     5-5-09             The  A-B-B-A  set is almost ready for painting


    1-21-09           The A & B unit bodies come together, with most of the molding and casting complete


    1-20-09           Photos show how the nose for the F unit was ‘cast’


    1-15-09           The B Unit has been started


     1-8-09             Work on the Cab continues and the body work starts


    12-8-08           Progress on the nose and cab of the unit continues


    11-16-08         Construction starts on the nose, with the mock up being built


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