The  Coon  Creek  Railroad



The 7 1/2 inch gauge, Live Steam railroad of Bob & Alma Briggs in Spring Branch, Texas.



This is a section under Marek Mountain Mining Railroad,  to show pictures and videos taken at at the Coon Creek.

Click the Camera icons for photo sections and the YouTube icons for 2-4 minute videos.


Early 2000,  one of the first mini-meets at the railroad

Spring 2002,  the Track Expansion happens

June 2002,  a regular Alamo Gang meet

March 2003,  the Golden Spike for the new expansion

June 2007,  one of the last ‘Alamo Gang’ mini-meets


May 1999,  an early Alamo Gang Mini Meet at CCRR

Summer 1999,  trial run of Rusty loco on the CCRR

December 2000,  Marek Mtn. diesel tests clearances

February 2002,  another Alamo Gang Mini Meet



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the engine, cars,  track  and  THE  HOUSE  too!


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