Great Lakes  HOn30

Module  Group

The layout depict locations on the 2 foot narrow gauge railroads that ran in Maine, including places on the
Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington RR.  Scenes range from waterfront ports to sawmills to rural towns,
including some scenes with snow.  Running models of Two Foot equipment on HOn30 trackage.

glhon30a.jpg glhon30b.jpg glhon30c.jpg glhon30d.jpg glhon30e.jpg
glhon30f.jpg glhon30g.jpg glhon30h.jpg glhon30i.jpg glhon30j.jpg
glhon30k.jpg glhon30l.jpg glhon30m.jpg glhon30n.jpg glhon30o.jpg

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