Raton  &


An HO scale railroad running between Raton, NM and Trinidad, CO.  It is a fictional line that allows bridge traffic from the ATSF and the D&RGW to travel over Raton Pass.  It is built for operations, with 17 trains and approximately 200 cars moved during a three hour session.  The railroad uses Easy DCC for train control with some sound locomotives beginning to show up on the system.  The R&WRR is housed in a 26'x17' space up stairs in our home.
RW2015a.jpg RW2015b.jpg RW2015c.jpg RW2015d.jpg RW2015e.jpg
RW2015f.jpg RW2015g.jpg RW2015h.jpg RW2015i.jpg RW2015j.jpg

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