Great  Northern


Ted Doyle's O scale layout is set around 1940 on the West end of GN system.  Motive power is 100% steam power, with DCC and sound equipped.  The layout has hand-laid track in a 27 x 23 ft train room, with four towns and scenery in various areas, including painted backdrops.  The layout is designed for switching and running.
gn2015a.jpg gn2015b.jpg gn2015c.jpg gn2015d.jpg gn2015e.jpg
gn2015f.jpg gn2015g.jpg gn2015h.jpg gn2015i.jpg gn2015j.jpg
gn2015k.jpg gn2015l.jpg gn2015m.jpg gn2015n.jpg gn2015o.jpg

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