Gold  Creek

Timber  Company

A Project Railroad for the 2015 Convention

Follow the construction progress of this layout, by visiting this site
to see new progress photos loaded around the 1st of each month.
This layout will be setup and running at the Hotel.

Loren Neufeld and Jim Lemmond are building an On30 layout, that will feature redwood logging running thru a hilly terrain and forest, with a logging camp, water course and more.

The construction uses quarter inch plywood skins on hardwood frames.  The terrain uses dense blue Styrofoam with higher scenery contours being carved from white beaded Styrofoam.

July 2015  - Final Update
Redwoods and other timber are plentiful in the area, so the Gold Creek Timber Co. is re-opening an old camp for the loggers.
Wagon loads of supplies arrive from a nearby town, and a few of the men have brought their families.
Meanwhile, downstream a few dreamers pan for instant riches.
What does the future hold for Gold Creek? Come to Houston and find out.
GCTC07a.jpg GCTC07b.jpg GCTC07c.jpg GCTC07d.jpg
GCTC07e.jpg GCTC07f.jpg GCTC07g.jpg
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June  2015  Update
Downstream from the logging operations a full-blown mining town has sprung up.  Business is brisk at the supply stores in town
and along the river, and the smithy and the assay office are expecting plenty of customers, as is the, uh, entertainment center!
There’s no hotel in town yet, so one gold hunter has simply set up camp on the riverbank.

GCTC06a.jpg GCTC06b.jpg GCTC06c.jpg GCTC06d.jpg GCTC06e.jpg
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May  2015  Update
Snow’s melting in the mountains and the runoff has reached Gold Creek. Water’s rising, the salmon run is underway,
and the grizzly’s finally going to get his lunch! A hopeful prospector sets off downstream with a fresh load of supplies.
A couple railroad workers take it easy while waiting for the pile driver to arrive to finish the bridge.
It’s time to step back to where you CAN see the forest for the trees – at least part of it
gctc05a.jpg gctc05b.jpg gctc05c.jpg gctc05d.jpg
gctc05f.jpg gctc05g.jpg
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April  2015  Update
Summer’s around the corner, and logging’s in full swing along the Gold Creek route
as a train arrives, ready for more logs.   Fully loaded, he eases across the rickety old bridge.
Meanwhile, beavers were doing some logging of their own until a panther arrived on the scene,
while a little further downstream a hungry grizzly checks to see if the salmon run has begun.
And deeper in the forest - Mr. Carlson, you were right… turkeys CAN fly!

gctc04a.jpg gctc04b.jpg gctc04c.jpg gctc04d.jpg gctc04e.jpg

March  2015  Update
March was all about the redwood forest, from the oxen road at one end,
past the fallen tree and the backwoods cabin to the stream and the stump house at the other.

gctc03a.jpg gctc03b.jpg gctc03c.jpg gctc03d.jpg gctc03e.jpg

February  2015  Update
DCC installed – we can run trains.  Layout lighting installed – we can see the trains!  Background painting mostly completed.
Basic scenery about 50%.  Forest is beginning to grow.  Few details as yet – they’ll start coming soon.
The backdrop was painted, the forest begins.  A trestle was built and fit in to place, then scenicked.
gctc02a.jpg gctc02b.jpg gctc02c.jpg gctc02d.jpg gctc02e.jpg

Initial Photos  -  January 2015
The layout benchwork was completed and blue foam installed.  Some carving was done for the inital terrain.
The initial track is going down.  Some building placements for ideas and some backdrop painting was started.

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