Animas  River


This Fn3 layout was completed in 2014 by Greg and Brenda Cauthen, is a 29' by 27' outdoor garden railroad loosely set in the late 1940's in the mountains around Silverton, Colorado.  It features D&RGW narrow gauge locomotives, passenger and freight cars.  There is 277 feet of G-gauge track, in two loops with two passing sidings, four tunnels, six bridges, 36 feet of trestle, running water, live miniature plants for trees and shrubs and various standard and custom buildings.  Battery powered locomotives are controlled by AirWire radio control and switches are controlled with the Sunset Valley pneumatic switch system.

ARR08a.jpg ARR08b.jpg ARR08c.jpg ARR08d.jpg ARR08e.jpg
ARR08f.jpg ARR08g.jpg ARR08h.jpg ARR08i.jpg ARR08j.jpg
ARR08k.jpg ARR08l.jpg ARR08m.jpg ARR08n.jpg ARR08o.jpg

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