The Railroad & Workshop

Plans are to build a loop of track around our home in San Antonio. Utilizing the current location to maximum possible trackage. The track will run across the driveway, across the front yard, and along both sides of the house, to access the back yard. The loop should be about 500 feet long and will have a minimal radius of 25 feet.

The "railroad" will be more than a "loop". There will be two passing sidings (one of each side of the house). Eventually, one of these will be expanded to create a small switching area much like the HO scale "John Allen Timesaver". There will be a turntable in one corner to turn equipment, and a couple other spurs for switching operations. A spur will run thru the workshop for storage. In one corner will be a 20 foot long, curved trestle, about 3 feet high. And there will be a 30-35 foot long tunnel, along side of the shop, that will double as another storage location.

For a better idea of the track plan, see the rough drawing here... < track plan >


I am building a 10ft by 15ft  Workshop  in the backyard. The main reason for the shop is for construction and maintenance of this railroad. A workbench will run the length of the shop on one side, and under it will be a storage spur.

For initial design and construction photos of the shop, click  < HERE >

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Last revised on 11/1/00.