Motive Power

At present, a narrow gauge, diesel, road switcher is under construction, as the first locomotive for the railroad. During the first year of "organization", the railroad company leased two locomotives (loaned to me by very nice people, so I could play until initial parts to build my own engine were in-stock). The pictures here include line drawings, ideas and plans, construction of, and test runs of the locomotive.


The Narrow Gauge Diesel

Inital Ideas - some of the locomotives I looked at going with, or operated in my first few months of playing.

Rough Drawings - some of the initial drawings and ideas for the design of the narrow gauge diesel.

Construction - Photos of the frames being built. There were two, the initial frame was 22in wide and 67in long. After a couple months, I decided to make it bigger before moving on to the super-structure phase. The second frame, currently in use, is 23in wide and 72in long.

Test Runs - photos showing the inital frame being test run, and the second frame with a temporary wood skeleton super-structure, for testing track clearances. Includes running on the Ruptured Duck RR and on the Comanche & Indian Gap.

Run on the Coon Creek  - on December 2nd, 2000, took the loco to Bob & Alma Briggs' track to test run. Put the test-frame to use, to check clearances on two trees and the garden gate ramp.


Leased Motive Power - I was very fortunate that Dr. Mark Bing of Katy, and Steve Campa in San Antonio, offered to provide me with the loan of a locomotive, during the first year of being involved in "riding scale". This allowed me to enjoy the hobby, visit area tracks, and get some running under my belt before starting construction on my own locomotive. I will be putting up some photos of the locomotives soon, please check here again later.


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