Alamo Area 7+ Gaugers

In the vicinity of San Antonio, Texas, there are a handful of folks who operate trains on 7.5" gauge track. Some are running equipment built for 7.25" gauge.

Some run 1.5" scale and some run larger, like 2.5" and 3 " scale. Some operate "live steam" and some run diesels, both gasoline powered and electric.

We have two tracks in the area today that we have "mini meets" on… when time, weather, schedules and track owners permit. Soon there will be a third and maybe a fourth track. With a fifth in the planning stage already.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall, we try to have one-day meets on Saturdays, every month or two. Recently we started playing with "operations", switching cars.


This is just a quick info page on the "Alamo Gang". If you would like more information, please send me an email. I schedule the mini-meets, coordinate the dates and such.

…don’t let the simplicity of this page fool you, we are active, but very informal. This is not a club, there are no rules or dues. This is a simple group of folks who have trains, or that are planning to buy or build soon.


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