Standard  Gauge  Storage


With the recent completion of the two F unit sets, the L-131 in past and Cabooses,


a place to part them was needed, so Barry expanded the storage area under Silverton











I finally went upstairs and actually worked on my layout! Felt good to do something other than work on engines. After Ward and Frolin

gave me ideas for more hidden storage for the SG engines, I cut in a new dual gauge switch, on the main line in the closet, to allow for

some additional SG engine storage. It was built in place. The new track will be the first SG only track. All the other turnouts will be

built on the work bench and laid in place. I got out my saw and built new bench work and roadbed,. I then built three new turnouts,

and laid a bunch of rail on the hand glued ties. I finished wiring it up this morning and am pleased that I did it right the first time out.

I moved my TV camera, so that it can see all of the hidden storage tracks now. It felt good to work on my layout. This gets the

SG engines  in the clear for now. I was hoping to get four tracks in, because I have seven SG engines, but room allowed for only three.

I can park  an engine on the lead, but it will hinder getting anything else out behind it out.                  -  Barry                             .


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