The S1 Diesel gets Painted

The second Magnus S1 gets painted for Rio Grande scheme.

The first S1 was a nice C&NW, traded for the SP, and now painted RG.


CWRRS10909a.jpg CWRRS10909b.jpg CWRRS10909c.jpg CWRRS10909d.jpg


The boys in the Bogs Locomotive Works paint shop have been working overtime to get the work out, while the guys in the mechanical department have been on vacation. The latest thing out of the paint shop is the Alco S1. It was a used Magnus brand, Southern Pacific engine,  that got a new paint job, and is now upgraded to S2 standards. The guys took a couple of pictures of the engine before the work began, as you can see. The guys thought that the work was all finished, but management has thrown a third set of F units at them and they are back to work on those now. It's all work and no play to BLW!  Well, at least, this engine completes all the standard gauge engines on the Colorado and Western RR. The CWRR management has decide to focus more attention on the railroad now, instead of always asking for something new from BLW. We will see how long that attitude last! Enough slacking, back to work! Thanks for your time,  Barry, Mr. BLW


The top four pictures show the newly painted S1 in Rio Grande colors.  The engine was the SP on the bottom right.

Barry originally had a Magnus S1 in C&NW colors, which he traded for the SP model  (other guy wanted C&NW).


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