Barry’s  D&RGW  C-41  Locomotive

Barry has completed the scratch build, standard gauge, 1/22.5 scale, C-41 2-8-0 Locomotive!

Read in his own words below, his findings and conclusions on this unique D&RGW engine.

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Words from Barry on this project and his findings…


   This has been a busy week in the paint shop. The C41 caught a paint job and is now on the layout and running.  (included are) some pictures next to the K37 so that you can see how close the two are, or should I say, how different the two are? I really like the Vandy (Vanderbuilt style) tender on this engine, as it is something different. I used a crew from Woodland Scenics for this engine, instead of the same old guys  in the other engines. They are already painted, so I guess it was instant gratification for me, if there is such a thing. The (Phoenix 2k2) sound system is still mounted in the tender, but the speaker is in the firebox of the engine. Sounds good to me.


   As most of you know, the K37 NG engines were built from the C41 SG engines by the Grande in 1928- 1930 in the Denver shops. All of the K37's had the box type tender, and not the Vandy one that I modeled. All of the C41's with the Vandy tender were scrapped. I still thought it would be neat to see the engines side by side and compare them. Again all I had for a plan for the engine is the two (B&W) pictures, and a C48 of Craig's, so I may be a little off on my dimensions.


   As you can see, the K37 has a longer smoke box and a smaller cab than the C41. The reason why, is that when they lowered the boiler down on the K36 style chassis from Baldwin, they had to move the boiler back to clear the rear drivers. I always wondered why I had so much cab swing on the K36/ K37 engines around my curves. Of course then the smoke box had to be lengthened to fit the chassis, thus the K37 NG engine is longer the C41 SG engine! From what I can tell, the only thing that the Grande used from the engine, was just the boiler only, and fabricated everything else in the shop, like the cab, rear frame extensions, smoke box, etc.


   What a kit bash. I have always wondered why the brass importers never made the C41, at the same time they made the K37. Well, I understand now. It is almost a total new project! It has been a fun venture, but has had it's moments with no real plan to work from. My best work comes from having an O scale model, 22.5 scale plans and many pictures from which to work from. This project had few. You decide if you think the C41 is on the money or not. I won't be offended if you think not. I hope to do an article on the conversion some time, but I thought you might enjoy what I have come up with so far.